Ikpif is the frantic jeweler who had his store robbed by a group of Rock Apes and nearly lost everything.


Standing just under 6 feet tall, Ipkif is not an imposing person. Many years spent on the jeweler’s bench have left his spine bent awkwardly forward, and a single-minded dedication to his art caused him to miss many meals. His muted red hair stands at odds from his scalp, as if every strand were desperately fleeing his head.

When he stands, he shifts uncomfortably, which most view as a sign of nervousness. He has earned a reputation of being shifty and difficult to work with, and his store in Ghadra, the Eye of the Moon, is near the periphery of the city as a result. Nonetheless, he maintains a steady group of clients, as his work is intricate, and done well for its price.

Ipkif’s store was robbed by rock apes who were under the sway of a mysterious power.


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