Because the realm is largely pastoral, the people of Muir raise sheep. In fact, the population of the realm is only 1/40th of the number of sheep in the realm. Grassy and wet, with few trees, Muir is a relatively calm, inner realm that has been under the control of the Adversary for many generations.

Lonely Pine the primary town of Muir, serving as both an economic and transportation hub. There are two Grand Scales that connect Muir to other realms. One connects to the Claws of Man and the other to Constance.

The Realm Border for Muir is a caustic bog, whose slightly acidic contents will eventually break down anything deposited therein. Exploration into the bog usually results in people getting lost, even with magical aid. They’ll either appear near town, or never come back. The pete the bog produces releases a foul smelling thick brown smoke that eats through stone and metal over time, rending it unusable as a fuel, except in a pinch.

Population and Trade

Muir supports roughly 150 households. Largely clustered in Lonely Pine, the remainder stand as farmsteads throughout the realm.

The population is 80% human, the remainder split between Elves, Eladrin, Halflings, and a handful of Dragonborn families who have emigrated from Jutai. Additionally, a barracks of Orcs stands in the center of Lonely Pine to maintain the rule of the Adversary and protect the Grand Scales in town.

Estimates of sheep population currently stand around 20,000 head. Sheep, and sheep products are the primary export of Muir.

Residents of Note

Cassius Arran—One of Lonely Pine’s 13 oligarchs


Bellerophon Pfhreak