The Adversary

First recognized by Aleion in a mirror showing paradise, the Adversary promised a world unbounded by the Veil. All Aleion needed to do was build a portal to the kingdom of Bellerophon, and its citizens would be free to enter paradise.

The portal was built, and the Adversary walked out, along with an invading army. Bellerophon was overrun, and the Adversary took control of the kingdom, renaming himself and the kingdom Belleros. He immediately disappeared from public view, and controlled his realm through proxies.

Responsible for building the Grand Scale to allow traffic between realms, his rule has control over the majority of inter-realm travel.

His motivations are unclear, but he is still expanding his rule, installing vassal lords whenever he takes control of a realm. There is some resistance to his rule—pockets of guerrilla fighters mostly. No one has raised an army to challenge his rule for some time, and previous attempts have all resulted in failure.

Because he has not been seen for hundreds of years, stories of his powers and appearance vary wildly. Some believe him to be a giant, clad in black armor and wreathed in an oily green fire. He is depicted as a fearsome warrior, capable of leveling a city with his wrath. Others believe that he no longer exists, that the Adversary refers to a group of beings that run the kingdom for their own reasons.

The troops of the Adversary wear a red trident over two couped white pallets on a black field.

The Adversary

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