Bellerophon is a setting full of dramatic juxtapositions. It is set in a world split into tiny realms where the rules of magic, physics, and man vary wildly. Players may traverse 3 realms and find themselves in a parched desert, then an underwater metropolis, and finally into a realm comfortably seated inside a great tree.

The sudden shifts in location keep the players on edge about what is coming around the corner, and allow for truly fantastic gaming experiences that are totally rationalized by the world. It allows for both frontier exploration and city-state politics. The world came about primarily for those two reasons. Published settings focusing on political intrigue generally offered little in the way of grandiose scenery and frontier exploration. Likewise, settings heavily invested in developing outrageous locales left the internal politics glossed over.

Finally, I desired a setting with a world consuming conflict to prevent the world from becoming too static. Thus, the world is embroiled in a guerrilla war against a singular dark power who dominates most of inter-realm transportation, commerce, and maintains a massive standing army. As if Sauron had won the War of the Ring, cities seated close to his base of power are bleak, the people there watched vigilantly by legions of orks and fell creatures. I encourage you to read the history of the setting to learn all about the main villain.

Several of the core classes have been re-conceptualized, primarily the Druid. The setting was originally designed for 3.5ed, so I’ve been translating the changes I’ve made to the system to 4th ed with mixed results. Nonetheless, there are a smattering of new races and new classes to take a look at. Not to mention a slough of religions, items, NPCs, and places.